I’m trying to get some more money for Christmas shopping, so it would be really great if you could check my auction out or pass this around. I sent it in to Equestria Daily, but I never got an email back, sometimes they don’t post my ebay auctions for whatever reason, they go in the nightly roundups.

Anyways, in this lot includes:

**Plush Toys***
-Doctor Whooves, Minky, Embroidery eyes & mark
-Applebloom, Minky, Embroidery eyes
-Shadowbolt, Minky, removable outfit, iron-on eyes and mark
-Firefly blob
-Bon Bon blob
-Pinkie Pie blob

**Brushy Customs***
-Firefly, coated with gloss to seal the paint.
-Vinyl Scratch, no glasses, coated with gloss.
-Colgate/Minuette, Not coated with gloss.

**Blind Bag Customs**
-Bow Tie
-Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash

-Villians poster
-Season 2 poster
-Pony Wedding
-Map of Equestria

-9 tattoos
-33 cards + 1 foil (#1,2,7,15,16,17,18,20,21,23,25,27,29,39,42,44,45,51,56,63,67,74,76,78,79,80,81,82,83…standees#1,5,6,7..F#14)

-Twilight embroidery patch
-Pinkie Pie ring
-14 pony stickers
-1 WeLoveFinesteampunk Rainbow Dash bag

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